CALT stands for Computer Aided Life Technology. We develop and design decentralising technologies such as modern tooling systems like 3D printers, as well as vertical farming systems, and communication technologies like educational Virtual Reality apps. We believe decentralisation will be a major trend in the upcoming decades and as such we focus our efforts on technologies to empower people.

The problems we are solving are related to decentralisation of core technologies required for an improved society, for example, decentralising food production offers the opportunity for safer and more efficient use of resources. It provides the opportunity for the user to become food self-sufficient while reducing waste. Similarly, tools such as 3D printers offer the opportunity for the user to become more self-reliant in their ability to create objects.

We’re creating a new generation of 3D printers that operate using a new process we have invented and patented called Physical Mask Curing. This process, PMC for short, is enabling us to build printers that are high resolution, have a lower investment cost and are completely scalable. This means we can build printers that are mobile and field ready with no computer or internet required, right up to industrial devices with much larger build volumes than ever seen before.


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Ross Lawless

CEO, CTO, Product Designer

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Irene Villafane

COO, Product Designer

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