About us

CALT stands for Computer Aided Life Technology. We develop and design decentralizing technologies such as 3D PrintersVirtual Reality suites and impactful products. Decentralization means focusing on distributed technologies that can drive self sufficiency. 

Solar technologies are decentralizing energy supply, Blockchain is decentralizing finance and CALT Dynamics is decentralizing manufacturing

We believe decentralization will be a major trend in the upcoming decades and as such we focus our efforts on technologies to empower people. If you want to utilize modern manufacturing in your production or if you're looking for the technology behind your next product get in touch.

CALT Dynamics 3D printing technologies

CALT Dynamics develops technologies with global impact. Our 3D printing technologies can be used to make better products and ultimately a better society

Meet the team

Ross Lawless | Irene Villafane | Ed Larkin | Meadhbh Gomez | Mark McDonagh

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CALT Dynamics is an Irish manufacturer with locations in Wicklow, Ireland and Connecticut, USA