Reusable Face Covering made in Ireland

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Product Highlight: Face Shield

To aid in the global shortage of

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

CALT Dynamics has designed a lightweight, anti-fog Face Shield

REusable Face Covering made in ireland

Where form meets function, the CALT Dynamics Face Shield has been designed with feedback directly from the frontline

3D printing - How we designed our face shield in record time

The CALT Dynamics Face Shield Kit has passed EN standards for category III PPE - the highest EN standards rating for face coverings.

CALT Dynamics is a specialist in 3D technologies to help transform how people live and work. You can read more about us here. The company uses it's research in manufacturing to make decentralising technologies like 3D printing processes.

So when COVID-19 disrupted centralised manufacturing, we were in a perfect position to help.

We spotted a call for assistance from the Health Service Executive and within days had our 3D printers dedicated to producing prototypes, based on feedback from frontline healthcare workers.

The Health Service Executive was the initial customer for our face shields but we're excited to be able to offer our Face Shield to business customers now, who we know are in need.

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