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The face Shield is now available for bulk orders!

CALT Dynamics Face shield

CALT Dynamics went from concept to mass production on their Face Shield with feedback from frontline workers using rapid product development techniques. The feedback from the frontline and the community has been phenomenal. Here's the story so far...

A global PPE shortage 

As the pandemic spread west from China and logistics became more difficult, the need for PPE manufactured locally was becoming greater by the day. CALT Dynamics recognized this threat to the frontline and community so they started creating concepts for a Face Shield that could aid in the fight against COVID-19


To move through the prototyping process quickly, the company used rapid manufacturing technologies coupled with intensive user feedback, straight from the frontline. Answering the call of hospital staff, the company immediately offered its services as a Face Shield manufacturer. Having input from virologists, doctors and nurses from the start of the design phase meant that each iteration of the product was closing in on the final design rapidly. Two days after concept art was created, there were CALT Dynamics Face Shield prototypes being used in A&E wards

Feedback is critical when dealing with critical care

Getting feedback directly from the frontline meant that CALT Dynamics could quickly iterate using technologies developed at the company. Using low cost printing methods to start before graduation on to more industrial techniques. The feedback from the professional users on the frontline was incredibly insightful and continually improved the product 

Straight to hospital

Face Shields started being produced in larger batches so we could gather even more feedback before finalizing the design

Thank you to the irish examiner

Our tweets and work got picked up by an excellent reporter at the Irish Examiner. She wrote a really nice article about CALT Dynamics and we made the front page

product development

Closing the top section of the visor was the much preferred design by virologists, careful contouring of the shield itself ensures it stays fog free in this configuration. The head strap material and design were also updated to suit mass manufacturing and minimize cleaning processes. We also became aware that many users were required to wear a hardhat so we ensured the visor design could be adapted to fit the hardhat.

Scaling production

Each stage of development of the product needs special consideration from a design perspective from the outset. The form of the Face Shield was designed to be easily castable. This meant that CALT Dynamics could utilise 3D printing techniques to increase production by hundreds of percent within 1 week of moving to batch manufacturing


Using a large scale photopolymer printer meant we could create multiple moulds at a time and significantly increase the output based on the 3D printer's manufacturing speed. The white shield seen here is cast, it's has similar mechanical characteristics to the 3D printed edition

The Frontline

The wonderful feedback from the brave people on the fronline spurred us on

Before we set the mould

Our printers were then utilized to 3D print a high temperature polymer mould to closely simulate the final product by injecting the end-use polymer into the mould. This allows a small run of parts to be produced for testing and evaluation before making a mould thats capable of mass production

clear component updates

The headstrap material was changed to an alcohol safe material that's easy to wash and there are subtle design updates to suit mass manufacturing, the next step in the scaling of production 

Scaling to mass production

Going from zero to tens, hundreds and finally thousands of shields per day in a matter of weeks, while producing Face Shields at the same time was no mean feat but the results are exceptional. The shield is light, it doesn't fog and you can completely forget you're wearing it

How its made 

An all Ireland effort followed, the manufacturers of Ireland stepped up and we created an excellent product in record time