calt dynamics face shield

Face Covering made in Ireland

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About our Face covering

This face covering eliminates unintentional contact with your face and prevents droplets from passing through the shielded area. These are two of the highest risk factors associated with the spread of COVID-19

BE SAFEr with our eco-friendly reusable face COVERING

  • Light weight 
  • Reusable & washable
  • Replaceable and IPA safe crystal clear visor
  • Highest rating for Face Shield PPE: CAT III
  • Adjustable headband
  • IPA safe headband
  • Closed top section for added protection (recommended by virologists)
  • Foam comfort pad
  • Anti-Fog
  • Fits over glasses
  • Designed in coordination with Irish healthcare        staff
  • Made in Ireland
  • CE marked
  • European Standards tested As Category 3 PPE

    Hard Hat edition available

    For healthcare professionals (HSE, GPs & nursing homes) contact us to submit your order with a discount!

    High quality PPE is in high demand so contact us today if your business is re-opening

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    Update: now available to the general public


    "Thank you and the team there so much. The nurses are so happy to have them."

    Patrick Fahey, Director of Holy Family Nursing Home 

    "We are delighted with the face shields to be honest, we feel more protected going into patients, and also patients feel more protected from us. They are so easy to assemble and can be wiped down,thank you from all the staff in community intervention team, feeling more protected "

    Melissa Coughlan, Community Intervention Team HSE 

    "They are great, the Staff are delighted.... Best of luck and thank you so much."

    Dr John Hastings, GP

    "The face shield is comfortable to wear, while at the same time giving excellent personal protection. It's an added protection for those doing family shopping or carers doing shopping for those cocooned and easily available to the general public."

    Kathleen Kelleher, Greystones Town Councillor

    Assembly notes

    Install the visor from the inside out and then install the head strap by placing it diagonally on the hook

    Install the foam in line with the CALT Dynamics logo in the centre of the headband and adjust the tension in the strap by moving it up or down

    About us

    Irish 3D-printing firm to produce visors to meet Covid-19 shortfall

    Co-founders of CALT Dynamics Ross Lawless and Irene Villafane