Product simulator VR

The ultimate visualisation tool

Visualise, develop and interact with your products in Virtual Reality

Fun time with this jumbo demo we made for CES 2020


Re-imagine product development

Bring CAD models, pictures and documents straight into a virtual environment with Product Simulator VR

Visualise and interact with your product at life size in customisable environments

Give your teams a common ground for product evaluations

Create a unique experience for your customers

The future
'VRBuild - Measure - Learn'
feedback loop

Measure and Learn while bypassing hardware costs


  • Product Development
  • Marketing
  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Facility visualisation
  • Content Creation

Iterative feedback

Gather product feedback before committing to building costly hardware

This is a major cost saving

Team communication

Physical interactions with hardware and component motions can be defined on CAD models for realistic motions

Internal training

Product training for new recruits in Engineering and Sales can be a smooth, automated process

Interactive advertising and sales

When you reach the last iteration, you have a ready made interactive marketing and sales tool tailored by your team

Single Product experience

Available now! 

  • View your product in a virtual suite
  • 3 product animations
  • Movie maker lite - create traditional content in your suite
  • Interactable props
  • Interactable version of your product
  • Real time lighting and physics
  • Realistic materials
  • Interactable pictures and documents

Product Simulator PRO

Coming Soon

  • Direct Download
  • Importing of more than 30 file types including CAD files, pictures and documents
  • Interactions with assemblies and components directly in VR
  • Automatic materials, component material selection and import rules
  • Real time lighting and physics, including fluids simulation
  • Create object joints 
  • Assembly manager
  • Network communication and team invite
  • Scene and prop manager 
  • Movie maker 
  • And more!!