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CALT Dynamics has developed numerous 3D printing technologies, the latest is called Physical Mask Curing

Physical Mask Curing: A new 3d printing technology

Physical Mask Curing is a passive light, 3D printing technology created by CALT Dynamics. Depending on the usage case, PMC can support low cost solutions as well as large scale industrial manufacturing scenarios. Particularly well suited to repetitive batch production and large scale objects, PMC can be utilised in production printers as well as optimised factory manufacturing. 

A particularly interesting use case of PMC is the manufacturing of car components. PMC can be configured to operate over a large surface area and at a relatively low cost when compared to a laser based process. This, coupled with the repetitive nature of auto manufacturing, makes PMC ideal for electric car component production.    

PMC offers the ability to build both desktop and industrial machines with lower investment costs and greater ease of use for operators with new levels of content security. Industrial 3D Printing on industrial scales without sacrificing on quality. When moving beyond product prototypes and into batch production, PMC can be a competive 3D Printing technology.

If you would like to know if PMC can help your manufacturing business or if your interested in utilizing 3D technologies in your business, get in touch with the form below. We can save you a lot of time and money. The 3D printing industry is constantly evolving and it can be hard to navigate for manufacturers who just want a tool that makes things. We've become experts in additive manufacturing so you don't have to. If a CALT Dynamics technology is right for your product, great. If not then we can guide your project and put together the tech package you need for end to end manufacturing and post-processing of parts and products.


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