3D printable Face Shield

After consultation with Health Service Executive Staff we have finalised our design and moved to mass production. We have kept the 3D printable version available here for people who want to print their own. The final design featured a closed top section for added protection and we included foam padding for added comfort. The feedback from the frontline and community has been incredibly heartwarming so thank you to all who supported our frontline by getting or making a CALT Dynamics Face shield.

Assembly Example

Get the 3D Printable Files

Design notes:
This face shield has been designed with feedback from doctors and virologists but the design may be be updated so check back for updates regularly

We have 2 different versions available for download:

  • Open
  • Closed

UPDATE*: Closed.v3 - Further reduction of the thickness of the face between the arcs.

You''ll need sewing elastic and and clear plastic sheets to make the remaining parts.

If making your own, typically use:

  • No supports
  • 20% infill
  • 3 perimeters
  • 0.3mm layers
  • 2 top and bottom layers

The easiest way to get your visor and foam is to buy a 10 pack on the store

Use sewing elastic or heavy bandage for the head band - the ideal material is button elastic. This should ideally be between 15 - 25 mm wide

Follow the images and videos below to assemble the face shield
The clear visor should make a click sound when placed around the 2 outer pins

Open Version

Closed version