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Pick of the show

Materials dominated much of our attention at this years CES and it was a hard call but we're really looking forward to trying this flexible resin from esun.

Additive manufacturing meets blockchain

As a spin out of one of the most trusted in the industry for many years now, VeriTX has has done something incredible. They've brought the security of blockchain technology to additive manufacturing logistics. This is a game changer for point of use 3D printing and a giant step towards simplifying logistics. Find out more at VeriTX.co 

Resin Review

We've been using DSM's  ' taurus' photopolymer for a few weeks now and after some initial fine tuning, we're very impressed. The mechanical characteristics are excellent for a lot of end use parts and it prints well. The dark pigmentation means you may have increased cure times but the quality of reproduction is excellent due to minimal light bleed. It is on the more costly end of the photo-polymer scale but its an excellent option for high demand use cases like functional dials. Highly recommended for Industrial printing, check back for our in depth review

CES 2019

This year CALT Dynamics CEO, Ross Lawless, was featured on a panel discussion about the impact of disruptive technologies on manufacturing

CES 2019 pick of the show

From imitation bones to works of art, the ceramic printer from Kwambio is an impressive piece of kit. Prints can be raw ceramic , dyed ceramic or even post processed with a glaze.

Resin review: FTD industrial blend

This is hands down one of our favorite resins, its made by FunToDo. It's relatively low cost and has a shore D harness of 75 making it similar to a builders hard hat. This means you can pull off some pretty tricky prints because the material is so rigid and strong it does an excellent job of supporting itself during the printing process. It's got quite a strong odor which may be annoying for some users but with proper ventilation its not an issue. The resin also deals really well with temperature being able to work in a broad range of -45 to 225 degrees C .In terms of bang for your money, this is a great all rounder to have on the shelf